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Last names known to SLNameWatch:10,889
Added in last 7 days:0
New Names Last Released:3132 Days Ago
Average Number of Agents per active last name:2,626
Average Number of Agents per heritage last name:1,925
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Accounts Found in Second Life Search:20,957,746

Latest News:

  • The only last name available to new residents of Second Life is Resident. All other last names have been retired. (Dwell On It describes the situation clearly.) Every new sign up, thousands per day, will get this name. The current design of the census bot has a practical limit of about 100,000 accounts under a single last name. I don't plan to redesign it. This means soon my Total Residents figure will grow inaccurate as well. — 2010-11-20
  • No more ads — 2011-04-17

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Last Name Usage Count Days Active Reg per Days Active Research Status
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Resident 2626 3132 0.8 NNDB WIKI GOOGLE active (get it)


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