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How do I contact you regarding this website?

Email adam AT

Why does your available last name list only have one entry, Resident? (added 2010-11-20)

For new residents, last names are no more. Still, they have a last name stored internally in SL's databases. That last name is Resident, and it appears only in viewers before 2.3 and when the database is queried directly through libsecondlife (for now). Display Names: Bringing Greater Self-Expression to Second Life Idiocy regarding names It’s All in a Name: Display Names in Second Life Names on display Display names complications Now in beta: Screwed up chat logs Viewer 2.3 Beta Available Today With Display Names and More Did you hear that? She said "MORE!" Viewer 2.3 Launches with Display Names Display names launched with Second Life 2.3 Display names, phase 2

What is was founded in May 2007. is a database of the last names available for selection inside Second Life® , the 3D Metaverse created and maintained by Linden Lab®. Both currently available last names as well as "heritage" last names are tracked. Statistics are collected on the usage of the names, and the date span of their availability (provided they were released after May 2007).

Why would someone visit

I imagine that someone would visit to find

How old is

Site created on 2007-05-25.

Mission Statement

It is the effort of to provide unique, desirable services to customers without causing any harm to Second Life® , Linden Lab®, or any Second Life® user's enjoyment of the Second Life® platform.

What will be in the future?

Second Life® agent names are to the 3D internet what ".com" domain names were to the 2D internet. Linden Lab® only makes certain last names available, and only for a limited time. When Second Life® last names are removed for the join now page, they are retired FOREVER. The following information on Linden policy is taken from Second Life® Last Names FAQ .
When are last names retired?
Kind of like Beanie Babies and other special rare collectibles, a last name is heritage (which means it's cycled out of active usage and no new Residents can choose it) after a certain number of usages.
Can I unretire a last name? I really like one but it's long-gone!
Sorry, no. Generally speaking, once retired, a last name can't be revived.
When are last names created?
There isn't a set schedule to them. As soon as old names are retired and the list of choices gets shorter, we replenish and add them in batches. Traditionally, we've done themes, like hockey players, economists, food, and rock stars, but sometimes we'll add new ones without a theme too. Last names aren't announced ahead of time.
So, this takes us to the basic assumptions and founding principles of


How often is the data behind this website updated?

The list of available names is tested once per hour. The counts of how many agents have a given available last name is updated once every 10 days, on a rolling basis. The counts of how many agents have a given heritage last name is updated about once every 4 months, on a rolling basis. These counts are not likely to change much. Agents with these last names can be deleted, but none can be created. The counts can only go down. In case of backlog, the updating of active last name usage counts takes priority.

A last name I know of is not listed in your database. Why not?

We were not able to discover this last name in an automated way. We will need to add it to the database manually. This happens with some of the more rare last names. We kindly ask that you send us an e-mail (adam AT . We'll add it to the beginning of the queue immediately.

A last name has a usage count of 1, but I know there is more than one agent in SL™ with this name. What's wrong?

This last name hasn't been counted yet. Check back in a few days.

Something appeared in the latest news section of the home page, but it's gone now. What was it?

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