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Details for last name Coon

Date Opened 2008-03-15 09:08:04
Date Closed 2008-03-26 22:08:39
Days Active 11
Status heritage
Usage Count 0
Reg. Per Active Day 0.0
Last Updated 2011-08-29 10:10:45

History of last name Coon

Date Usage Count Update Type Bot Version Query Load Search Anomalies
2008-06-26 13:20:21 156 Agent Reconcile
2008-11-05 04:29:21 0 Line Count 0
2009-01-26 06:26:43 0 Line Count 2
2009-04-11 15:43:14 0 Line Count 7 36 0
2009-08-10 23:40:56 0 Line Count 7 36 0
2009-12-10 13:49:54 0 Line Count 7 36 0
2010-04-23 23:09:45 0 Line Count 7 36 0
2010-08-24 20:48:04 0 Line Count 9 36 0
2010-09-25 05:00:52 0 Line Count 9 36 0
2010-11-19 15:48:54 0 Line Count 9 36 0
2011-08-29 10:10:45 0 Line Count 9 36 0

History Chart of Coon

Key to Update Types "Line Count" means that the in-world search reported this many entries. "Agent Reconcile" is the result of matching the search results against the list of agents already known, adding new agents and removing ones that are no longer listed, and counting the end-result. This process takes longer, and generally happens shortly after a counting event. The count should be the same as the Line Count unless there has been an error. "Backfill" The backfill project began on 2008-07-26 and was completed on 2008-08-03. Prior to 2008-07-26, this website did not keep a history of usage counts for last names. Incoming usage counts overwrote old usage counts. However, the usage counts can be inferred from historical data. The historical data will, at best, go back to the founding of the website in June 2007. Backfill figures are as accurate as possible, but they can be inaccurate due to deficiences in the bot software. For example, around 2007-10 I realized that the bot was not counting names whose first name started with a digit. I changed the bot code to fix that, and numbers for some of the more popular names jumped up significantly overnight. Some of them had already been closed to registration by this time. Be careful of anomolies such as this.

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